Adult Newsletter – January 2018

Pilates Courses

Pilates helps to develop the awareness of our bodies enabling us to improve posture, core strength and flexibility.  It builds strength from the inside out, working on deep postural muscles and neutral alignment. 

Day time & evening classes available.

Book NOW ... Limited Spaces …

HIIT Rebounding

“High intensity interval training requiring one hundred percent effort - this intense course will burn more fat/calories than regular aerobic and ready-state workouts...”

• Low impact
• Promotes core stability
• Great for toning
• All ages & abilities
• Quick ... intense ... fun

Book Now Limited Spaces Available


Adult Swimming Lessons

Let our qualified teachers help you enjoy your lessons and increase your water confidence.  It is never too late to learn to swim.  Swimming is not just a great way to exercise, but also an important life skill.

Taught in a friendly welcoming environment designed to help adults learn to swim, overcome their fears and become happy confident swimmers.

Couch to 5K

Complete Beginners WANTED!!!

“In line with the national NHS programme, The Junction Sports & Leisure Centre has enrolled the services of Esther Downes (a qualified/ experienced run leader) to deliver running-based educational and fully supported courses here at The Junction. 

  • Guided sessions
  • Set runs to carry out
  • Strength/cardio training
  • Social ... and we hope FUN!

PLUS Full Attendance = One Months FREE Gold Membership

Good Vibrations Poole

There has never been a better time to step into Good Vibrations Poole @ The Junction Broadstone.  When you step into our room you can try for yourself and get your first session FREE.  

So whether you have never wobbled with us before or just want to get back into action again. Come on in and help make this Winter the best for you!!!  We have our own exclusive room with 10 machines, for that all over good feeling in just 10 minutes.