Claire’s Swim Profile

About Claire

I have been involved with guiding for nearly 30 years and it was through my work with Brownies and watching my daughter at her swimming lessons that gave me an interest in becoming a swimming teacher.

In 1999 when my eldest daughter took up synchronised swimming I volunteered to work on poolside to help the teachers.  I took my ASA Assistant Teacher’s Certificates in Synchronised Swimming and Swimming in 2001 and I passed my full Swimming Teacher’s Certificate in 2002.

From 2001 until 2008 my husband and I ran Poole Penguins Synchronised Swimming Club which was based at The Junction and the Dolphin Swimming Poole.   The club had about 20 members and was very successful.  In 2006 the club merged with Ferndown Otters and transferred to Ferndown.

My first love to teach is synchronised swimming.  It appears to be so graceful and effortless but is really jolly hard work.  In swimming I am always telling my pupils to relax but synchro is the opposite, every muscle has to be pulled in and kept taut, and that’s before holding your breath for at least a minute at a time.  Anyone interested in a challenge?


  • A.S.A. Level 2 Swimming Teacher
  • Synchronised Teacher
  • DBS Checked