Fitness Class Description

50+ Stretch and Tone
An aerobic, tone and trim session.   Great social atmosphere for the 50+ fitness user. 

A Plan Workout
Includes hand weights and barbells in a combination of effective exercises to burn fat and increase strength.  Total body workout which will improve your strength, mobility, fat loss and cardio vascular fitness. 

Aqua Fit (Kelly’s)
A fun packed workout for all levels.  To improve your muscle tone, core strength and flexibility.  Using woggles and dumbbells to increase more resistance.

Aqua Fit (Sandra’s)
A fast paced, fun class, set to music in the warmest pool in the area! Suitable for all levels of fitness.

Beginners Indoor Cycling
A class designed for new people/novices who want to give Indoor Cycling a try, with clear and insightful instruction whilst having a lot of fun!

Body Pump/Body Pump Express
The original barbell class.  Tones the whole body with hot sounds and compelling choreography for just about everybody. 

The toning, stress busting workout that delivers the biggest punch! 

A fantastic, new and exciting fitness dance class. It combines cardio conditioning, strength training and flexibility through customary African dance and boxing-esque manoeuvres.

A complete workout for all levels from beginners to advanced.   Using various pieces of equipment in a number of different class formats.  Great for burning fat and improving muscle tone at the same time. 

Core Express
A 30 minute class with real focus on your core muscles, to aid toning, strength and shape.

Gentle Stretch and Tone
An aerobic, tone and trim session.  Great social atmosphere for the 50+ fitness user. 

Indoor Cycling
Indoor studio cycling session.  Highly motivating and a fantastic way to burn lots of calories.

A total body circuit based workout to get you in the best shape of your life, both looking and performing.

Legs, Bums and Tums 
Ladies it says it all in the title.  Blitz those hard to hit areas. 

Helps to develop the awareness of our bodies enabling us to improve posture, core strength and flexibility.  It builds strength from the inside out, working on deep postural muscles and neutral alignment.

Inspired by the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates and the strength and flexibility of flowing yoga movements, it’s an innovative bodyweight workout that gives you so much more. We crank up the music, the speed, and the fun to give you a thrilling workout that will burn crazy calories for a long, lean, beautiful physique. Blending dynamic poses with fluid movements, you’ll build strength, burn calories, and improve flexibility, athleticism, and mind-body connection.

Vertical Dance
A new course designed to increase your strength, fitness and flexibility in the Vertical Plane! If you want to learn completely new skills whilst having lots of fun, this is the course for you!

This class is a Latin-inspired, dance - fitness class that incorporates Latin and International music and dance movements, which create a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system! This class format combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body in an aerobic/fitness fashion to achieve a unique blended balance of cardio and muscle-toning benefits. 

Zumba Gold
Takes the popular Latin-dance of Zumba, and makes it accessible for beginners to seniors. Zumba Gold builds cardiovascular health by challenging the heart and working the muscles of the hips, legs and arms with dance moves.

Yoga/Therapeutic Yoga
Create balance throughout your body by developing both strength and flexibility via different poses and postures.  Improve your flexibility, muscle tone and well-being in this new pay-as-you-go class!