Full Induction

A detailed explanation on the gym and it's facilities, aimed at providing the user with a guide to the safe and effective execution of the gymnasium equipment.  The instructor will offer specific advice on different training and exercise regimes depending on the clients needs.

Cost: £25.00 (60 mins)

Mini Induction

This service is provided for experienced gymnasium users. This will only be provided on production of an old/existing gym membership or induction card from another club.

Cost: £15.00 (30 mins)

Personal Programme  

This will involve the instructor talking you through your personal programme.  Explaining exercise technique, seat positions and range of movement as well as weight selections for any strength equipment.

Cost: £25.00 (60 mins)


• £1.50 non member fee applies to each booking
• Call 01202 777766 to book your induction or personal programme today